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One of the most exciting international nautical events of 2015, Spain delivers a full-size reconstructed Spanish sailing vessel used in early Colonial times to ports on Florida's East and West coasts. With daily tours providing unforgetable memories and information about 16th century European sailing techniques and technology, El Galeón will tell the 500 year story since the arrival of Juan Ponce de León on the Eastern shores of Florida.

El Galeón - Stopping next in New London CT 7/31-8/10 and Wilmington NC 8/13-8/24!

Step back in time aboard El Galeón, the breathtaking 1/1 scale reconstruction of a 16th Century Spanish galleon, while she sails up and down the Eastern US Coast. Spanish Galleons, used primarily for their cargo transporting abilities, were frequently bought and sold by Spanish and English governments during the 1600s, and often taken over and converted into Pirate ships in the rough Carribean sea waters.

Click here to purchase tickets for the Galeon 7/31 - 8/10 - New London CT.

Click here to purchase tickets for the Galeon 8/13 - 8/24 - Wilmington NC.

El Galeón Andalucia will soon be stopping in Portland ME, Portsmouth, NH, New London CT, Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, before finally returning to St. Augustine FL. The ship is open to visitors daily from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Five of the six decks are available for tour, which holds an exhibition about the "San Pelayo", the Spanish galleon that founded St. Augustine, the first city in the US. It carries an all-Spanish crew that lives and breaths the history of the ship and her travels from port to port and in the open sea.

Just Announced: the Galeon will be returning in September to St Augustine FL!

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