Cruise Ship’s Laundry Facility with Garment Steamer


Have you ever boarded a cruise? Have you ever been? Or never? If not, Congratulations! We are the same. Ha ha ha ha.

Cruise is a recreational activity aboard a ship that has luxury ahem facilities, which pass a special route for several days. For three days
or a week. Facilities such as casino, swimming pool, entertainment shows such as ice skating and dance are ready to entertain you during the trip. There’s even a spa!

What’s the difference between riding a cruise with an ocean liner? Aren’t they both ships?

The most obvious difference is the route. If on a regular cruise ship has the same route. There are cruise ships that have shipping routes that always return to the original port. In the ocean liner, make different routes because of regular shipping in the open sea, sometimes between continents, and delivering passengers from one point to another.

The cruise will be a very fun and thrilling experience. Various ship facilities are specially prepared for classmates of the hotel for the sake
of making the banquet happy.

But behind the glitter of cruise ships, this also cannot be separated from the help and effort of the crew. These creators work hard throughout the days so that guests have the right. Staff from the household, which directly serves guest requests. Housekeeping Department is one of the
departments or departments in the hotel that handles matters relating to beauty, neatness, cleanliness, completeness, and health of all rooms, as well as other public areas so that all guests and guests are safe and secure. inside the hotel.

Work at the Housekeeping Department on a cruise ship, you will be responsible for the arrangement and cleaning of the floating hotel
(cruise ship).

One part of the housekeeping team is laundry facilities on board.

Guests staying overnight will definitely frown when they see their clothes are dirty or tangled. This laundry facility from cruise ships still helps keep them. Don’t let them feel uncomfortable on the boat and give bad lessons for their clothes in the suitcase.

When this happens, the Laundry crew is the one who comes down with the Garment Steamer for the tidying mission! Simply rub the small
scrub and finish. You don’t have too hard to rub it like a manual iron. Or worry that customer clothing will be singed.

Without this steamer garment, of course the laundry crew will be very difficult. Just imagine, in a single cruise ship to accommodate up
to thousands of guests. Not to mention the number of crew members who are not small. Can you imagine the height of the stack of clothes?

Washing and ironing customer clothes is a noble task. As long as the hearts please the passengers, isn’t that excellent?

Neat clothes, guests were happy.

No one wore this garment service, they also received an award for “crew and guest helper services”. What do you think?

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