How To Organize A Foosball Tournament In A Cruise Ship


Each moment on a cruise ship is of great fun and excitement. There are many activities that can be organized including games and sports. Of these, a mini foosball tournament could be one that excites all enthusiasts and becomes a memorable imprint for all.

Different activities taking place on a cruise

A mini foosball tournament is a great activity on a cruise ship for people of different ages. Organizing the tournament will be a fun experience.

There may be different options including ping-pong, basketball, pub games, art auctions, and so on. Organizing foosball for different age groups will come as a great event of fun, entertainment as well as an opportunity to showcase the skills of the participants.

Why foosball?

Foosball is one of the most addicting games. Once started, people on board of all age groups begin playing. This will help bring excitement because of the game. Foosball is also a potent way to kill stress and bring some fun at the end of the day.

Organizing the event

Organizing a mini foosball tournament on a cruise ship is similar to the one you do on a conventional scale. The model is close to this with minute differences.

Let people belonging to different age groups shoulder the responsibility to organize the event. You need not worry to delegate the responsibility to organize the event. People on board like you will come forward to help you out.

Split the project into smaller assignments and share them among the participants. This will help all work in a coordinated manner. Participating in the various activities for the tournament brings fun and excitement. This will definitely entertain people.

While choosing the venue, determine the number of fields required, where people will stay and watch the tournament. Make the field ready beforehand.

The event will attract all the travelers onboard. You can ask people among them to volunteer to play the role of the officials for the game (umpire, etc.).

Frame a code of good sportsmanship

This will help at the event in case there is a dispute among the players. Though the tournament is meant to entertain, it’s important to have a set of transparent rules in place for the purpose before the start of the tournament.

Buy apparatus beforehand

It’s better to carry the necessary supplies required to organize a foosball tournament. This will help you avoid disappointment because of not having the apparatus.

You need to buy some foosball tables that are of great quality. The foosball table will be an essential accessory on the cruise. There are several brands of foosball tables in the market. Don’t get overwhelmed. Do some research and opt for one that suits your budget.

Choose a venue

On a cruise ship, there is enough space to organize a mini foosball tournament. This will make it possible to organize the tournament for different age groups separately.

Schedule the event such that it will lead to fun and entertainment without diluting the quality. Each of the participants needs to enjoy it. Make it a memorable one for each.


Organizing a foosball tournament on a cruise ship and participating in the game is great for each of the people on board. Organizing the game will help get not only just fun and entrainment but memorable life lessons as well.

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