Massage Chairs For Cruise Ships


Cruise ships voyage, a fascinating and adorable journey which makes your weekends and holidays more enjoyable. Cruise ships often have all the luxuries and facilities which you need in order to get entertained and relaxed after a hectic routine. Cruise ships may have Casinos, Shops, Spas, Fitness centers, Library, Cinema, Indoor and outdoor swimming pools with water slides, Gym, Clubs, Basketball and Tennis courts, Pool tables, Ping pong tables etc.

Yes, you can say that all these things are the necessities of a GREAT CRUISE SHIP and also the people, who want to make their leaves sitting back on the deck and enjoying the cool breeze. Cruise ships have spas and fitness centers but now people are looking for massage chairs to be on the ship, which is provided by spa services.

Reasons for having a massage chair on a cruise ship
People, especially those who have a tough routine and want to keep themselves relax and fit, often choose massage due to its countless benefits. During which they can get rid of their muscular stress, and make their muscles and ligaments relax and stress-free. The most important and the biggest advantage of a massage is, it enhances and boosts blood flow in the body and makes you more active and fresh.

Most of the passengers on the ship choose the journey to spend some hours on the ship because they want to get rid of their chaotic and turbulent work routine. They want themselves to be relaxed.

Having a massage chair on a cruise ship becomes an overwhelming requirement for several reasons:
* Chair massage proves to be effective when you are traveling as it takes little time i.e. 10-20 minutes minimum for just $10-$20. It can be much longer for about an hour. Depending on you what you want?
* Therapist makes your neck and back muscles tension free by a Swedish massage.
* You don’t need to put off your clothes because no oil is being used.
* As a massage chair is portable, it could be placed in an isolated room and even moved on to the open air as liked by the passengers.

So having a chair massage on a cruise ship has its own charm. Spas should focus on having massage chairs as it also enhances their business part.

Most people think of getting a foot massage by themselves after having long walks or wearing high heels, which causes calf muscle pain, most of the time and after a busy day. Good thing, most massage chairs also include foot massage which makes it very useful. Foot massage alone, on the other hand, is not a difficult or challenging task but you must feel the difference in having a massage by yourself and getting a massage from a professional therapist. But it never means that you can’t do it. How to give yourself a foot massage? You may follow the following tips and just make your feet feel good:
*You may not feel your fingers and thumbs as hard as a professional but you can use a ground ball to make it work.
* You can sock your foot in warm water for some time and then start rolling a ball at the bottom of your feet. You feel good.
* You can use lotion to get a foot massage. Rub the lotion or oil on your heels, toes, and arches using your fingers in circular motion.
* For a more deeper a massage, you have to twist your toes.
* Move them circular motion
* Bend them forward and backward
* Do not forget to press the pressure points on your foot.

You will definitely feel good after a foot massage. Try it before going to bed, it will keep sensational pain in the legs away, while sleeping, which can disturb your sleep. Especially, ladies who often wear high heels and pointed shoes must get a foot massage to keep your foot muscles strong.

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