Table Tennis in a Cruise Ship


Cruise ships are known to cater to various needs including the physical ones hence they come fully equipped with sporting facilities. Ship sports complexes usually take up an entire deck on their own, and they usually provide magnificent views of the world outside.

Cruises take time and if you are used to being out and about you may struggle with the notion of being confined without much activity, but thanks to the sheer size of cruise ships and some innovation, you can enjoy various sport on board.

One of the sports that has grown in popularity due to its ability to be played in small spaces is table tennis which is also popularly known as ping
pong. Whether you are an avid fan of table tennis, or you are just interested in stretching a bit and enjoying a good old sport then this sport is a great option.

Table tennis facilities on ships have grown, and they come complete with all the equipment and fast-paced action that may even make you forget that you are far away from shore. In fact, most travelers now search for this facility when searching for a ship because this game simple to learn yet thrilling.

The sport is also lovely on a ship because it makes use of a smaller space, and this is a plus on any boat – ship owners look to maximize on space. Therefore, they are pleased with taking a sport that will leave room for other sports including swimming, wall climbing, basketball, and golf.


Most people who play table tennis in cruise ships do not do it because they always play regularly when they are back home, but they use the sport as a way to meet and network with other passengers. Unlike other forms of transport where passengers do not get to stay together for a relatively long time, on a ship people are brought together for some time, and it is not a bad idea to get to know each other.

Being Up and About

When on a ship you will want to try out a lot of different activities to help pass the time. So what are you waiting for, your cue sticks need to be chalked. This is usually an even more significant need for people who travel by ship often and seek different pleasures to make the cruise journey more enjoyable. Table tennis is a unique sport which is not very widely played relative to other sports. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to try something different. The sport is also exhilarating because of its intensity which makes the whole experience more exciting.


Cruise ship table tennis tournaments have grown in popularity, and people love them. These tournaments happen on a daily basis in many cases, and they are now becoming part of the reasons why some people even go on cruises. The tournament rules vary by cruise ship, and if you are looking to participate in one, you should check out the requirements beforehand. Some cruise ships will allow you to use your own bat while other will only let their own.

Some tournaments are for fun where players can win simple things like water bottles, but others are becoming severe affairs with bigger prizes at stake. No matter the price, the consensus is that cruise ship table tennis tournaments are well attended and fantastic

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