Things to Do In Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a beautiful island that has many things to do for any traveler. From the historic San Juan, to the lush rainforest of El Yunque, there are plenty of outdoor adventures and cultural activities to experience here. If you’re looking for some great photos or videos from Puerto Rico, check out these travel bloggers’ accounts on Instagram!

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country that has much to offer. From beaches and food, to culture and history, Puerto Rico has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an adventure or want to try some new cuisine, this list of things to do in Puerto Rico will provide the perfect inspiration.


1) Visit El Yunque Rainforest – This national park is home not only to lush rainforests but also some of the most amazing waterfalls in all of Puerto.

2) Explore Old San Juan – The historic capital city is full of traditional colonial architecture.

3) Take A Ferry To Vieques Island – Known as “the other side of paradise” Vieques island boasts white sandy beaches on its east coast.

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