What to Do When Attacked While on Board a Cruise Ship


Boarding a cruise ship for the first time comes with all the excitement and joy of this world. A lot runs through your mind to a point. You tend to forget about simple things like your personal security. Unless it’s a private ship, you never know who boards the cruise. Thieves have taken their business to a higher level; when they know they will get a hefty profit; they can also be part of you.

How do pirates get to become part of passengers? They also pose like any other passengers going for a cruise trip. All said and done, what are some of the personal safety tips you need to practice not to become a victim of circumstance?

Some of the safety tips that come in handy to avoid any security issues include:

  • Take part in the muster drills
  • Follow instructions and get to understand the announcement
  • Make fair use of the handrails and bars
  • Make the environment safe for all
  • Avoid sharing personal information with strangers
  • Keep watch over your valuables and luggage
  • Never be a loner on the cruise ship

You may practice all these safety measures, but for some reason, you are still under attack when you least expect. In that state, you are confused and not sure of what to do at that time. It’s your duty to arm yourself with safety tips when under attack to help you save your life if not valuable.

Here are a few tips that are vital at such a time.

1. Never look at the attacker directly in the eye.

Looking directly at your attacker’s eyes sends a message of familiarity; remember, they also take risks while carrying out the dirty deals. Looking at them now on the eyes communicates or instead tells them you know them, and they may opt to get rid of you as a way of rubbing the evidence.

2. Report to legal authorities

When under a personal attack, you should let the cabin crew know about it to escalate to the leadership. That means while onboard, you should have the phone numbers or contacts of the relevant authorities. That helps to let management know of an attacker on board and use their security channels to aid passengers.

3. Never panic and exercise self-control.

The moment you panic, you send mixed signals to the attackers. It’s worse when you are in a secluded place within the ship. Some attack you even at the lavatories when you are helpless. Exercise self-control and avoid any panic attacks. Cooperate with the attackers to get an easy way out. All this is to save your life.

4. Accept the situation

No one anticipates an attack, but it’s a situation beyond your control. Accept that you are under the supervision of a stranger and abide o her/his/their rules or instructions. Once you are in this stable, you are emotionally stable, helping you make the right decision that will help you smoothly get out of the problem.

5. Follow their command

When you notice you are helpless and have no control of the situation, accept it, and abide by the pirates’ instructions. It will save you a great deal. There are testimonies of people who have been set free because they were too loyal to their attackers. You may be another statistic. Follow their instructions as much as you feel they may jeopardize your principles.

6. Maintain your routines

pirates attack is not a one-day event; they take days if not months, depending on how fast the government negotiates. In that state, maintains your routine as long as you abide by their boundaries and restrictions. Continue with your schedule as you wait for the release schedule.

7. Never resist the attack.

The last mistake you can make is to resist an attack. That is like calling for your early death. Comply with them and follow all the instructions. You never know; your loyalty might make them rethink, mostly when you were not the target, and you are just a victim of circumstance.

8. Draw your gun when you feel safe

Do you know there are places where your gun can cause your death? What do you do when you are already under an attack, and you have your gun?

It may not be of help. That is the time you don’t wish the attacker to notice you have it. The sign of surrender helps you at this point for you to communicate to them that you are harmless if you are to use it, if and only if you are safe and save you. If not, keep your cool. When choosing a gin for personal safety, a small and portable one is important, especially at this time. Get some reviews on to give you an idea of what is best for you.

9. Don’t bargain with pirates. The last thing you can do is to bargain with the pirates. That is not your duty; you are just caught in the mix. Practice the above tips, and the rest of the negotiations let the relevant authorities deal with it. Safety is in your hands. As much as you may want to save others, your safety is paramount at this time of the attack.

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